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  • Be Your Own Boss

  • No Royalties

  • Part Time / Full Time

  • Optional Home Based Business

  • No Store Front Required

  • Hot Product with Fast Growth Potential

  • Online Re-ordering System Available


Be Your Own Boss:
Many people, especially today, feel that they are underemployed in their current vocation.  Not only do they find their work not as enrichening or fiscally rewarding as they would like, they feel that somehow they could do better, but how?

The number one cause for inertia is the lack of knowing what they could do as an alternative and how to create a plan of action to facilitate this. OnLinePosterShop.Ca offers a unique solution for those individuals who wish to create and produce a self-employed small home-based business.  Rather than go the expensive tried and tested Franchise route which involves continued royalties to the franchisor, OnLinePosterShop.Ca provides an easy, universally accepted inexpensive product to sell to virtually anyone or any group or industry.  The more you work, the more profitable your business will become.

OnLinePosterShop.ca provides intensive personalized training for each new partner.  Setting up your own new business is fraught with pitfalls unless you know what you are doing.  We provide the answers minimize the mistakes and maximize your potential for success.  Not only do we provide all the requisite training for the hardware, we actually work personally with you to develop your best business plan.  Our trainers are all extremely talented people who are leaders in their respective fields and who have been there and done that before to help you avoid problems and make the right decisions for your own particular needs and aspirations.

No Royalties:
On-going royalties required by Franchise operations provide a lucrative in-perpetuity money stream for the Franchisor.  As time goes on, the value ratio for the Franchisee diminishes exponentially to the point of becoming a very poor value obligation.  OnLinePosterShop.ca eliminates this continual Percentage of Sales expense.  While OnLinePosterShop.ca does require a very small royalty fee for the use of the actual software, this is static and not based on volume of sales and does not penalize extra effort by the people actively promoting their own business and using their personal business strengths and contacts.  In exactly the opposite fashion, OnLinePosterShop.ca actually promotes and trains individuals on how to build their own web based businesses into a unique and personalized operation.  Personal satisfaction is greatly enhanced.  In addition, personal one-on-one training on how to grow their own business is provided.

Part Time/Full Time:
While other business opportunities promote the option of working full or part-time, OnLinePosterShop.ca actually provides a cost/effort proposition that realistically allows for a profitable business with minimal cost and effort.  You are bound only by your own desires and time constraints and any other obligations as to how to best succeed in your own venture.

Optional Home Based Business:
For franchises, the opening and operating of an expensive store front retail location is now an option, not a necessity. In fact, many of our partners choose to go the home-based route and the machinery requirements are small enough, and portable enough, to be situated in an area as small as a residential bedroom.  The benefits of this choice could be a less stressful work environment, no need for additional staff, low maintenance costs, income tax deductions and other attributes.  The point is, you can create the situation that is best for your aspirations and situation; plus we guide you into how to best go about making a choice.

No Store Front Required:
One of the most stressful and expensive aspects of setting up a franchise operation is the creation of a new storefront location. Taking over an existing franchise is often available but there are always reasons why an existing location is for sale.  Finding out all the factors required to make a good business decision is a difficult and gambling proposition.  Hidden costs always crop up.  Store fronts also require staff and staffing and scheduling is an on-going time intensive proposition.

Hot Product with Fast Growth Potential:
Almost everyone will want to avail themselves of your products from time to time and the ability to cater to specific groups or interests is a bonus.  While printing generally is a mature product, large format printers are not.  In fact, quite the opposite.  This is positioned to be the new high growth printing category.  As a bonus, the profit potential for large format printing is the highest profit segment in the printing industry today.  Adding the web based action of your new business only adds to the value of this opportunity.  Web based businesses are the growth darlings of business, especially to a target market that is increasingly internet savy and to those with greater spending abilities.

Online Re-Ordering System:
To make your consumables acquisition even easier, we have created a hassle free method of re-ordering supplies. In addition, whatever your volume levels, we can cater to your specific needs.  For those who are just starting up or who only want a very part-time business, we offer smaller sizes in ink to eliminate the need to purchase excessive amounts.  For larger volume users, we provide large size economically superior options.  As is to be expected of a web based business, even your supplies can be conveniently ordered on-line.



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